How a sports physical can keep you on your game

You’ve been playing sports for a while now, and you know how important it is to stay in shape. But the truth is that your physical health has a huge effect on your performance- which means it also has an impact on your level of enjoyment when you play! If something isn’t quite right with how you feel, or if there are any medical conditions that might be making things difficult for you, then it could even affect whether or not you want to continue playing sports at all. The good news? A Sports Physical can help assess any potential issues so they can be addressed before they start impacting your game. This article will provide more information on why Physicals are important, what they entail and who should get one.

A sports physical is a preventive care measure that is taken to assess any physical concerns or issues that could impact an athlete’s ability to play. It also identifies potential medical conditions that might not be readily found if the athlete only sees their own physician.

A sports physical is not required, but is recommended for athletes that participate in any organized sport. Athletes involved in competitive sports typically require a physical exam at the beginning of every season. At Eko Internal Medicine, our team of expert board-certified physicians will provide you or your child with thorough checkup and counsel them on how to stay active and fit while minimizing injury.

doctor examining patient

At Eko Internal Medicine, Eko provides our patents with a comprehensive sports physical that evaluates any potential detriments to participating in an organized sport. We look for things like personal fitness levels, cardiovascular ability, past injuries/surgeries, family history of disease or genetic conditions, and any previous or current medical issues. Eko provides board-certified physicians that are able to perform a sports physical on an as-needed basis. Eko also specializes in managing athletes who play more than one sport at any given time. Eko is committed to working with athletes to ensure that we provide the best care possible for whoever that needs it. 

Eko’s board-certified physicians use their knowledge and expertise in athletic health to provide you or  your child with the most thorough sports physical available anywhere. We have covered all the basics like measuring height, weight and body fat percentage which Eko uses to calculate a patient’s body mass index (BMI). We measure blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, listen to the patient’s heart for irregular rhythms or murmurs, we examine the lungs for signs of heart failure or lung disease, also the abdomen for masses or tenderness, as well as muscles and joints for any swelling which might lead to an injury.

Sports physicals are preventive care measures that help assess any potential challenges to playing sports. Sports physicals are recommended for athletes who play organized sports. At Eko Internal Medicine, our board-certified physicians provide thorough examinations and counsel patients on how to stay active while reducing the chances of injuries occurring. Schedule an appointment with us today! Eko Internal Medicine has offices in Monteagle, Tennessee and Winchester Tennessee. Get Directions to our Winchester location or our Monteagle Location.