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Urinalysis is a very simple test that can easily be confirmed in the comfort of the office. Despite its seemingly simplistic nature, urinalysis can uncover a variety of issues and conditions. It can also lead to the diagnosis of a number of chronic conditions to which the patient may be completely unaware. In the most basic of terms, urinalysis is just the analysis of urine. 

This is a common test that can easily be performed right in the office, with some results available almost immediately. It is perhaps the easiest of all exams to undergo for patients, with no invasiveness involved. The patient simply leaves a urine sample in a specimen cup. The amount can be quite small as a large volume is not needed for the test. 

Urinalysis can be ordered by Dr. Eko for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Routine/wellness visit: regular screening, screening for diabetes, liver disease, hypertension, or kidney disease, preoperative assessment, assessment before hospital admission
  • Pregnancy testing 
  • Diagnosing a condition: kidney stones, urinary tract infections, uncontrolled diabetes, muscle breakdown, kidney impairment, drug screening, kidney inflammation and protein in the urine.
  • Assessment of symptoms: painful urination, fever, blood in the urine, abdominal pain, flank pain, other urinary conditions or symptoms.  

Urinalysis can be an effective tool in showing evidence of a variety of conditions and diseases. One of the greatest benefits of using urinalysis in this way is that the patient does not necessarily have to disclose significant symptoms related to any one condition. Because of this, it is common for Dr. Eko to order urinalysis as part of a wellness exam. It can often uncover issues to which the patient is completely unaware. For example, the patient may have blood or protein in their urine with no other symptoms presenting. The patient may not be aware of any issues with their kidneys, though the urinalysis may show something entirely different. 

The test is commonly used to diagnose kidney infections as well as urinary tract infections. It can also work to screen the progression of conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus and can be used to determine the causes of kidney failure. Sometimes the urinalysis can be combined with imaging, especially when looking to diagnose bladder control problems. This is a very simple test, both to take and interpret, but can provide very insightful information into the overall health of the patient.

Dr. Eko is prepared to interpret the results of patients’ urinalysis. That interpretation is based on the signs and symptoms of the patient as well as the review of the test. As the two are combined, the results are interpreted holistically. If any potential conditions are found in the urinalysis, Dr. Eko is prepared to either treat the patient directly or make an appropriate referral to a specialist, as needed. There may be further follow-up needed if the test is not clear or is borderline for a particular condition. If a specialist ends up being needed, the patient is still closely monitored by Dr. Eko with strong coordination between the specialist and Dr. Eko.

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