Dr. Eko is a local leading expert in a number of key areas. As an internist and general medicine practitioner, Dr. Eko specializes in several procedures and diagnostic testing.

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Ultrasound has not been a popular technology used by many internists in the past. This is largely because the equipment used was inconvenient and large. However, that is changing and Dr. Eko is a leader in mastering the technology to better diagnose patients.

Bedside ultrasound is now available to internists, though not many have adopted the practice just yet. Instead of just using a simple stethoscope during an exam, Dr. Eko is able to take a look at a patient’s lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, bladder and spleen right in the office during a regular check-up or wellness visit. It can also be used if the patient explains concerns or localized pain. There is great care given to giving patients the best care possible and the introduction of bedside ultrasound does just that.

This quick, simple ultrasound can help detect issues with the heart. It can also determine if there is to much fluid in the pericardial sack or in the lungs. It can show if there is fluid in the stomach or if the kidneys are blocked. It can show if the bladder is emptying properly. The doctor may even be able to see if there are tumors, blood clots or gallstones. Instead of waiting for an ultrasound appointment, all of this can be seen in a rather quick 5-minute period of time. In addition, Dr. Eko can tell if the patient is dehydrated by simply looking at the vein that brings blood back to the heart from the lower body the inferior vena cava.

There are major benefits to having access to ultrasound in the office. Patients are not always able to clearly describe their symptoms. They may not always notice trends in how they feel. For example, a patient may describe chest pain that is not convincing in description. For coronary artery disease. However, a quick ultrasound in the office might actually show a poorly functioning heart.

Other patients may enter the office with large midsections, and it is not always obvious whether or not their size is attributable to excess fluid from cancer, heart failure or liver failure. It can be incredibly beneficial to take a look and make a distinction between fluid and fat without the dreaded wait time associated with going through an imagine procedure outside of the office and then waiting for the results.

If Dr. Eko is able to perform a quick ultrasound and notes something, further imaging can be ordered right away. This limits waiting time and can serve to catch things much earlier, which may lead to an overall better outcome.

Dr. Eko is a leading expert in bedside ultrasound, helping patients to forego lengthy waiting times and providing a service that most other internists do not. Identifying potential issues ahead of an imaging appointment does not just mean shorter wait times. It also means catching what could be a larger issue faster. If treatment is needed, that treatment can start earlier, which could lead to better overall health outcomes. The use of bedside ultrasound is unique and can produce great results for some patients.

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