What is Internal Medicine,
Why Eko?

Unsure of the differences between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, and which one is best for you? Family medicine is for all age demographics from pediatrics to geriatrics, with a focus on preventative medicine that will avoid health issues further down the road. They have a much broader area of scope.

Internal Medicine develops a comprehensive and deep understanding of common adult health conditions, which allows them to diagnose a wide variety of diseases that can commonly affect adults. Internists diagnose and treat patients with specific illnesses. 

Dr. Eko is a board- certified internist with decades of experience caring for patients and delivery quality customer service. Easily considered one of Tennessee’s best doctors, Dr. Eko offers comprehensive services to both prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and issues in patients of all ages.

Make EKO Internal Medicine your family primary care practitioner today, we have internal medicine offices in Monteagle Tennessee, & offices in Winchester, Tennessee.